25 ways to make money for young people

When you are young, a lot of the things you want to do cost a pretty penny. Which doesn’t help when you can’t earn much and are possibly still in education or some sort.

So what can you do to fill up your purse or wallet as a young person? Welcome to the 25 top ways to make money for young people 

ways to make money for young people

1.      Taking online surveys

If you’re a little strapped for cash, taking online surveys is a great way to earn money – and it’s usually pretty quick too. There are plenty of sites that you can do this on, and most of them are easy to access just through your phone. So you can do this on the bus, on the loo, whilst in bed, wherever. You might have to do a few to earn a lot, as they’re often a quid or so per survey, but that isn’t a difficult task, considering it’s just answering questions online.

2.      Ask around and get some sponsors on social media

If you have a big enough following on a social media platform, contact some brands and offer to wear their products or use their products in a post for a small fee. Once you’ve worked with one brand, more are likely to be interested. So get your foot in the door, and try and contact as many as you can!

3.      Try out babysitting or childminding

This is a particularly easy way to make money for young people  if you’re still living at home with parents, and they have neighbours or family friends with young children. Otherwise, if you look online, there are plenty of sites that you can register on as a babysitter. Although, some do require a DBS check. But if you get a check, you can then raise your hourly rate, so it might be worth it anyway!

4.      Give dog walking a go

Again, if you are living at home or if you have neighbours with dogs (often older people can’t take their pooches out as often as they once could), offer to walk them for a set rate. You get to spend some time outdoors, you get to play with a dog, and they pay you for it! If you don’t know anybody nearby who you can do this for, or your neighbours don’t currently need an extra hand, sign up for websites like Pupcult and Rover.

5.      Get paid to tutor or teach people online or in-person

If you have a qualification in a subject or are particularly passionate and skilled at something, offer to teach it. This could be that you have an A* A-level in English Language, and so you’ll help A-level students achieve the same, or it could be that you’re excellent at woodwork and so you start offering a class.

In the current pandemic, this might have to be online, but you can still earn by teaching through Zoom or Skype!

6.      Sell your second-hand goods online

Most young people reach an age where they realise that they don’t really want that Polly Pocket deluxe set anymore, or the KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON shirt from when they were 13. But it’s almost guaranteed that someone, somewhere on the internet, will want your old junk. So sign up for eBay and Depop, and even put items up for sale for free on the Facebook Marketplace, and earn back some of the cash you spent on the cringe-worthy things from your pre-teen years.

7.      Offer pet sitting services

Similarly to babysitting and dog walking, this one may be easier if you have neighbours. But there are also sites where you can sign up to look after people’s beloved animals when they’re on holiday, at work, in hospital, etc. Some people will even advertise for this on job sites like Indeed, so keep an eye out. If you love animals then this is one of the best ways to make money for young people you will find. 

8.      Create and get paid

If you’re remotely good at anything creative, be it painting, graphics or even embroidery, make an account on Etsy and Instagram, and sell custom designs or drawings! People will pay a handsome amount of cash for personalised and bespoke art, so use your talent to your advantage. After all, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

9.      Set up some gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to earn cash. If you’re a writer, a grammar fanatic, an artist, a musician or anything like that, you can set up a gig on Fiverr. This allows you to set up differently priced tiers, which have different specifications, and people can order with you.

10. Live out the teenage movie cliché and do a one-person car wash!  

If you’re really struggling for cash and willing to be that cliché person, advertise and offer to handwash cars. All you need is water, a bucket, some soap and a sponge, and you’re all set. You can price this depending on how deep a clean, and how big the car. You’ll be surprised how many people will take up the offer.

11. Check out WriterAccess.com

If you can write anything, check out WriterAccess.com. Like Fiverr, it helps you connect to businesses that need content writing for them, and helps them find and pay you to make it.

12. Get a part-time job

An obvious one, but if you’re old enough to get a part-time (or full-time if you aren’t in school/uni) job, get one! Make a CV and apply through Indeed, Reed, and other recruitment sites. Or, take a physical copy of your CV around to local stores. Make sure that if you do this, you dress well and present yourself as out-going and cheerful, as nobody will hire someone in their pyjamas that looks moody as anything.

13. Offer some essential gardening services

You may not be an experienced gardener, but if you can work a lawnmower and are willing to pull weeds, that’s enough to help maintain people’s gardens. Decide on a reasonable rate and advertise on local Facebook groups, community boards and posters.

14. Try out Usertesting

If you are always online, and so know the difference between a good looking website and a poorly made one, sign up for Usertesting. It is a site that pays you to review new websites so that they know what to change before making the sites live.

15. Sign up for TaskRabbit and help out around your community

Want to do odd jobs here and there in your community? Sign up for TaskRabbit. People advertise little, one-time jobs on there that they’ll pay you to do. Things like lawn mowing, cleaning, moving help, shopping for someone, etc. They’re all relatively simple jobs, and you’ll get paid for doing them. If you do a good job, you’re likely to be called back too.

16. Work for Uber in your free time

If you have a bike, moped or a car, you can work for UberEats. Sign up with them online and get paid to travel around your town and to deliver food to people. This also applies for Deliveroo, JustEat, FoodHub, the lot of them.

Whilst the rate of pay varies, if you’re not desperate, it can be an easy way of both keeping you occupied in your spare time, and

17. Sell your pictures to Stock Photos

If you’ve got a bunch of photos of things like sunsets, fields, kitchens, or anything that isn’t personal or specific to, sell them as stock images online. That way, people can use them on their websites and other things, without having to pay for copyright details.

18. Participate in medical or scientific studies

If you have a search online and contact your local college or university, there’s likely to be medical, psychological or other studies that you can take part in and get paid for. Most of these are entirely risk-free, just make sure you check what you’re signing yourself up for before agreeing to anything!

19. Get money back when you shop online with Top Cashback

Top Cashback is a website that you can register with if you know you shop a lot. All you have to do is click through to your retailer from the Top Cashback website, and they’ll get paid a commission. They then give you a percentage of the commission, which you can withdraw from your account into a PayPal or use to purchase a gift card for an online retailer.

20. Rate some music for money

Are you an avid music fan? If you sign up for Slice The Pie, you can get paid a few pennies per track to review smaller artist’s songs. Whilst the payment per record is not a huge amount, it adds up. And when songs are usually only a couple of minutes, you can make the pennies into pounds easily. If you love music then this is a great way to make money online, and it’s great fun! 

21.  Upcycle clothes or furniture and sell it on

Go around to charity shops, car-boots, and buy the best bargains you can find. Then get painting, sewing, or even just cleaning! A £3.50 faded chair can become a £15 pastel beauty in only a few hours.

22. Publish short stories on Amazon

Amazon is suitable for a lot of things, namely selling second-hand stuff, but also for allowing people to self-publish eBooks. You’ll need to buy an ISBN for your stories, but if you can write well and advertise them, get a few short (or longer!) stories out into the world and watch your profits come through.

23. Learn to do beauty therapy and offer services

If you’re good at make-up or nail polish, advertise your services online and on community boards, and go around to people’s houses to make them over for events. Or if you aren’t confident enough in your beauty skills just yet, learn how to improve online, and then take the leap.

24.  Avon

If you’re willing to put a little time into it, Avon is a part-time job that works for you, and is a really cool way to make money for young people. It means no uniform, no set hours, and you organise yourself. Which is both the best and worst bit about it. It’s definitely not for anyone who cannot keep themselves motivated, but if you can, try it out and earn some money from selling to your friends and neighbours!

25.  Cleaning for people

Not the most glamorous idea on this list, you can offer cleaning services for an hourly rate online or in community centres. You’ll have to spend a couple of quid to buy a kit, but all you’ll need is a couple of cleaning products, some microfibre cloths, a mop and a dustpan and brush, and you’ll be ready to make someone’s home sparkle.

W hope you liked our review on the best ways to make money for young people. Be sure to check out the rest of our posts in our blog for the best money making ideas and cash saving tips the internet has to offer. 

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