3 Strategies for Earning More During the Holiday Lockdown

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These are difficult times for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage all around us, leaving the economy in shambles. As inflation mounts, many Brits have been forced to dip into their savings just to survive 

As the holidays arrive, it can be stressful to think about money amidst all that is happening in the world. Now is the time for creative solutions—for other income streams to ensure that your savings are not left too ragged. As such, we have created this guide to earning and saving extra money during the holiday season. 

Take on seasonal work

Seasonal work begins sometime around November and December to support increased sales and demands during the holidays. Large department stores and retailers generally take on more staff to address these concerns. Sometimes, even the smaller stores hire additional hands for just a little extra help.

Current restrictions across the UK have impacted the retail industry. Non-essential businesses remain closed. That doesn’t mean, however, that life has stopped for other businesses. Pharmacies, grocery stores, Royal Mail, and some hardware stores remain fully operational despite all this. That means jobs will still be available, so it is important to get a headstart as the market will be competitive. 

Offload unused items

The demand for secondhand gifts is at a high. After all, if an object is cheaper but still functional, why not get it secondhand instead of brand new? If you have any items or goods that are no longer being used, now is the time to start offloading them. 

The newer the items, the better the likelihood they’ll sell. If they are still in the original packaging, that increases the chances that you can earn more for their own sale. That being said, there is no shame in the sale or purchase of pre-loved items. Anything from old books to old DVDs to even old clothes can find their way to new owners.

Websites like MusicMagpie, for example, are a fantastic way to sell mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, and other tech accessories and devices. CashConverters CeX is a good option for game consoles, computers, and related tech accessories as well. As always, eBay is also worth a try. 

Deliver food on the weekends

One thing that has definitely increased in demand is food deliveries. Restaurants have now adapted to the absence of foot traffic by taking on more delivery staff. That gives you an opportunity to sign up for delivery jobs. Even some grocery stores now offer delivery services for people stuck in lockdown. 

Delivery companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats are always taking on more staff. The beautiful thing about this is that they allow for flexible schedules, giving you a chance to work only during your free time, such as the weekends. 

Just make sure you enforce safety measures for yourself and your customers. Wear a mask, protect yourself, and keep everything sanitised. 

Final thoughts

Times are hard, but with enough ingenuity and grit, you can find sources of income to help tide you and your family by. It might be challenging, but that is the twofold trick: make more money, and save more money. With the right income streams, you could even make it through the pandemic without touching your savings at all. 

If you’re looking for resources on saving money, send us at Frugal a Lot a message. We are committed to providing you with the easiest ways to make money online.

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