Chilled Wine Life Hack

If like most people in need of an emergency glass of wine.  You will rush to the store to grab one and rush even quicker to get back to open it.  However. when you poor it into the glass you are immediately disappointed because it is warm.  However, this chilled wine life hack will come to the rescue.  Why not keep a batch of gapes in your freezer? When you open your warm vino, simply add a few gapes in and it will be beautifully chilled in a matter of seconds.  This life cheat is sure to make you less stressed and probably drunk a little quicker.  But who cares? you deserve it.

Chilled wine life hack

This cool life hack (Pardon the pun) is part of the social category, where you will find loads of stress busting cheats to get you through a stressful day.  Don’t forget it you know of any alternative ways to quickly chill your wine, then let us know in the comments. We would love to here from you.

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