Cut Your Food Bill by Making Your Food Last Longer

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A 2020 study has found out that UK households waste around 4.5 million tonnes of food each year. If you think that the statistics have been over-exaggerated, just take a peek at your local dustbins and observe how most of them are expired veggies and seafood ingredients, unfinished bags of chips, half-eaten frankfurters, and other tidbits that aren’t even spoiled yet. 

Indeed, people tend to waste a lot of money on food that they can’t even finish, so much that the study is still ongoing through consistent tracking and observing, just to find out if the amount increases. Think of all the money people could have saved! 

If you would like to save money by minimizing your food waste, look no further than the following advice we have prepared for you. Here are some ways to cut your food bill, all by making your food last longer:

1. Berries

If you happen to be fond of berries, you may enjoy this first piece of advice. Simply mix one part vinegar with ten parts water and wash your berries within the solution. The mixture will preserve them well enough for you to enjoy them all, without a trace of the vinegar.

2. Onions

This may sound too silly to be a helpful tip, but it works. Take a thick pair of thighs you are no longer planning to use and then insert the onion within the leg sleeves. Making sure to tie a knot after every piece of onion. People who have tried this before report that this silly trick has added eight more months to the onion’s longevity.

3. Lettuces

Not many people know this, but lettuces often become wilted due to excess water. Make sure to store them in between layers of paper towels so that the moisture can be absorbed, effectively lengthening your lettuce’s shelf life.

4 Asparagus

Cut the ends of your asparagus and prepare an appropriately sized jar. Fill it with water about halfway to the lid and put the trimmed asparagus in them. Make sure to cover the top with a thin layer of plastic wrap. If you think that this method seems familiar, it actually is—this is similar to how you’d store and preserve flowers from wilting quickly.

Other Food and Ingredients in Your Refrigerator

Now, we take on a more generalized approach to making your weekly and monthly supplies last longer. To do so, simply clean your refrigerator regularly. This may seem like a trivial task—until you realise that one main cause of food spoilage is bacteria. Eliminating germs and other forms of bacteria in your usual food storage would not only lengthen their shelf life but can also save you a lot of money in the long run.


Cutting down your expenses through food preservation is not an easy task, to say the least. Knowing the different tips and tricks to do so can be both fun and creative, well enough for you not to fret and stress over the whole process. Take time to preserve each raw product in your refrigerator. Clean out what you must, and from there, watch your savings grow over time.

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