Easy Budgeting Tips So You Can Save Hundreds From Home

budgeting tips

Given the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, saving funds is more important than ever before. It is thus no wonder that search engines have seen quite the rise in the term “budgeting tips.” This is a clear indicator that across the board, people are looking to exercise more caution with their funding. 

Of course, saving during these trying times can be quite a struggle. This applies on several levels, whether you are attempting to maintain your fitness, a parent watching over your children, trying to keep your life as normal as possible given the circumstances or working from home.

Wondering how to save money despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19? Here are some of the best tips you can use as you go about your budgeting in order to save hundreds from home.

Boil the Kettle as Needed

Admit ityou’ve gotten up, boiled your kettle in order to make a cup of tea for yourself or a loved one and just plain forgot about it. By the time you remember, it is all for moot and you then have to re-boil. Every single time you do this, there is an extra expense incurred. This can add up and you will end up making what is essentially one of the most costly cuppas in all of Britain. Just get the water boiling when you need it, and try your best to stay aware when it’s heated. 

Bring the Heating Down by a Degree

1 degree may not seem like much in terms of temperature, but it actually makes a difference. Putting the heating on when you are feeling quite chilly is easy enough. This is especially true if and when you do not work at home, without a radiator nearby. Setting the dial of your heating a single degree below what you normally would, along with making use of a timer, can save you almost £100 per year. 

There are many ways to pinch pennies if you are rather cold, however. Choose which radiators you will turn on, and keep any blockages such as furniture away. This will allow heat circulation in the room to be able to spread out evenly. If you have spare time on your hands, even just a bit more of it, find some old clothes and make draft excluders. Bed sheets can also be used for this, mainly the bottom of doors.

Find a Plug and/or Device That’s Unnecessary and Turn It Off

A plug left on despite not being needed can lead you to waste quite a bit. One for every electrical item, such as your mobile phone, the telly and other electronics, can add up quite considerably. When you’re through with your entertainment or tasks at hand, check and see what absolutely must stay on. Additionally, if you use your laptop daily, you will likely feel the urge to utilise sleep mode or standby. Doing this for 8-10 hours every night can make small dents in your power bill that will have a big effect on your funds in the long run.


There are many things that you can do to make the most of your budget. Keeping an eye on electronics and being more conscious of the choices you make can affect positive change.

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