Get Free Shares Via The Freetrade Referral Scheme

Get Free Shares

We all love free money right? Well read on. is an app that allows you to invest in shares commission free. But here’s the cool thing. If you use their referral system, you will get a FREE share valued at anything between £3 and £200 ($3 and $200) dependant on which country you’re in. No catch and you can refer as many people as you like 

How It Works

Once you click the referral link below you will be invited to enter your phone number and download the app. Once you do that you will be required to deposit just £2/$2 into your free trade account. However, the value of the share at a minimum will be in excess of this. Therefore you will be in profit straight away. As you can see below one of the Frugal a lot team were given a share in Eventbright worth £17.47 a share,  this means that their £2 investment drove a £15 profit straight away. 

Sure we were pretty lucky to get this value, it could have been something a lot lower, but the cool thing about their referral scheme is that every time you get someone to sign up to the program and deposit their funds YOU get a free share into your account. So the more people that you convince to sign up, the more your own portfolio grows.

Get a free share

What happens when you get your Freetrade share?

At the point of deposit you have no idea what share you will receive. And it takes up to 10 days to get the stock through, but unlike other companies that lock in that money. Free trade allows you to withdraw funds after 30 days.  So if your free share has seen rapid growth over that time you could be looking at a substantial profit.

Once your account is set up you can also continue to add to your portfolio with no investment fees. Please note that if you reside outside the USA you will be required to fill out a standard tax form declaring that you’re not a US resident. If you don’t fill this out you will be allocated a share from the UK portfolio.


We all know that the value of shares can go up as well as down. However, the risk of investing a small amount of money to possibly get a Microsoft or Apple share in return is a no brainer for us.  Particularly when all you need to do thereafter is refer people to join and you could be sitting on a handsome portfolio.  Remember, if you invest your initial £2 / $2 and get 5 friends to join. You will be looking at a minimum of $!5 pure profit.  Pretty cool eh.

Obviously share dealing is a risky way to make money online. But using the free trade app is a really good way to cut down on the standard commission fees and hidden costs associated with most companies. If you continue to invest on your own accord thereafter please be careful, and only put in what you feel comfortable with.  Remember, the value of your portfolio could see huge gains. But the value of your investments can also go down.

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