Here Are 5 Android Games That Can Make You Earn Bitcoins

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You might have heard of the rise of bitcoin these days. It’s as if almost everybody you meet would mention that they’re using bitcoin. Due to its popularity, blockchain gaming has been introduced that is now slowly taking over conventional games. 

A blockchain game works like this: a player owns in-game assets or tokens by playing games that can be traded for real cash or cryptocurrencies. The token values are based on the availability and demand of the market. 

Most of these games can be played on the web; however, they may need support software. Don’t worry, though; there are some blockchain games that are like just any games you can download, and from there, you can start earning in bitcoin. 

Here are some games for Android where you can earn Bitcoins: 

1. CryptoPop

Like Candy Crush, this game includes Bitcoin-relevant symbols, such as Monero, Ripple, etc., covered by balloons. All you need to do is combine these balloons while earning points that can make you digital coins. 

The game offers coins in Ethereum and Pop-coin, but it can also pay you different coins, like Litecoins, Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, IDEX, etc. 

2. Merge Cats

Earn a crypto coin “soul” by playing this Android game. Even if you’re new to the game, you can start scoring points. What’s even better is that you will find it easier to understand how the game works if you’re a Candy Crush fan. All you need to do is merge cats to build up the next level and sort them in order. As you move up to the level, the more points you’ll have!

3. CropBytes

Earn crypto coins by playing CropBytes. However, you need to integrate with a digital wallet app, which is the Tron. By doing so, you will be able to exchange your coins to get bitcoin. 

Now, about the game—it’s a simulation game that lets you play different roles. You can be a farmer or a trader in the game. By taking on every role at a time, you can earn a lot. 

CropBytes also allows players to do crypto mining and trading in an open market. However, the crypto asset value in the game will vary depending on market conditions. Some factors that affect the value are the activities of the players and supply. 

4. OX Universe

If you have played space games on mobile or are looking for one, then OX Universe is the one for you. Here, you will have plenty of tasks that will keep you busy and occupied. What’s even better is that the game has high-end graphics, making building a spaceship so much easier for you. 

You can also discover new planets and even purchase them. However, this isn’t a free game. You need to invest some amount to start playing; no worries, though—you can earn digital coins by selling spaceships. Also, you need to download the Arkane wallet to play. 


Times, indeed, have changed a lot. Cryptocurrency is taking over, and now, there’s a thing called blockchain gaming. If you want to have fun while you earn bitcoins, try out the Android games we listed in this post! 

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