Homeworking Life Hacks.  The Genuine, but sometimes stupid ways to earn money with your unknown talents

If you type ‘ Homeworking life hacks’ into google you will be presented with a raft of opportunities that will promise you $1000’s every month.  Some of these are Legitimate, but the ones that are will have you sat in front of your computer for hours on end, barely scraping enough money by to pay for cup of coffee, let alone a weekly shop. But there are other options out there for the skilled or less skilled of us that just want to earn an honest buck.

So we have put together the alternative list of homeworking life hacks  This list is taken from the freelancing site. Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is basically a portal where people can buy or sell any service that they need. If you need a logo designed, some administration work carried out or even a website built, then this is the site for you.  Prices stat from $5 (Obviously)!!  but increase based on your ratings and your experience.  However, this website is not just limited to the geeks and gifted of this world.  Fiverr.com has a Fun and Lifestyle section that basically allows you to sell any talent or skill that you may have.  Examples of this include.

Testing the faithfulness of someones partner.

homeworking life hacks

This person is making money from Facebook messaging your partner to see if he will cheat or not.     check out this service here  With 17 transactions each at $5. this person has made over $100 just by using Facebook.

Prank Calling Someone

homeworking life hacks

This person will prank call one of your friends for $5. with over 470 reviews, this person has made nearly $2500. Check out his service here

Jesus will send you a message.

homeworking life hacks

For £10 this seller will have Jesus personally deliver a video message. Quite clearly  it is a guy dressed in a toga with a big bushy beard, but with over 220 transactions, this guy has made a small fortune from being the son of god. This is our most favorite homeworking life hacks and is total genius,  Check out his service here.

Paint a message on your chest and dance in a jungle

homeworking life hacks

Does that sound weird to you?  Well it probably does, but what if I told you that these two guys have had over 700 transactions for $5?  That is nearly $3500.. not so weird now is it?   Check out their service here

Post a postcard from where you live

homeworking life hacks

Do all of the other working from homeworking life hacks seem too much like hard work? well this person has decided to sit back and make money the easy way. She simply sends you a postcard from Shanghai for $5. do you live anywhere interesting? then why not buy a batch of cheap postcards and send them to random people around the world?  By sitting in her house this person has made over $200.  Check out her service here.

So , in summary, to make your fortune working from home, all you have to do is fine your niche and advertise. There is bound to be someone out there that is willing to pay for what you do, so what not give it a shot?

If you have made a small fortune from working from home doing something weird or bizarre, let us know in the comments below.

Image credits.  Fiverr.com

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