How to Make it as a Freelance Blogger- Our Top 8 Tips

How to make it as a freelance blogger

Earning a bit of extra money here and there is a great way to prop up your income, or even move away from a 9-5 job and start earning money your way. Freelance blogging is one such way and is used by millions around the world to either supplement their ordinary income, or it is their main source of money. Despite this, many people are scared off or give up too early and never realise the full potential of what they can achieve with freelance writing and blogging. What these people need is a guide, a list of tips almost- something to help people learn how to make the most out of freelance blogging.

Luckily for you, Frugalalot has made that exact guide and has all the steps you need to make the most out of your blogging experience.

1. Just Do It

Our first piece of advice when you try to make it as a freelance blogger, and the most important, is to just keep going. Whenever you first start writing, progress will be first. The blog that you start with will have zero followers and the first few posts may end up receiving zero views or likes. Much is the same for a freelance writer- it may take weeks or months before you get your first job. But, you must not be disheartened, starting anything is always the hardest part and with writing and blogging, it is no exception. All you have to do is trust that what you are doing is the right course of action and be persistent in that action knowing that down the road, better things are ahead.

This tip is a particularly poignant one and is something that everyone has struggled with at some point in their writing lives- even us at Frugalalot. Therefore, if you have any worries about starting a blog or freelance writing service, just contact us and we will help you.  

2. Find Something you Love

Writing is a lot easier if you find something you love. At Frugalalot, we love helping people save money and make a little extra on the side. That means that when it comes to writing articles like this one, the ideas come thick and fast. If you find your passion- something that interests you, then writing no longer becomes a chore and becomes something that you look forward to. This is particularly important for all you freelance bloggers out there as the only way to grow your blog is to pump out regular content, this will be easier if the content that you make is such that you enjoy making it.

Finding something you love will make those first few months, where you have little subscribers, far more manageable and will give you the motivation and the confidence to continue to write and grow your blog into the money making project it could be.

3. Enlist the Help of Friends

When you first start out as a freelance blogger, friends may well be your only support. For the first couple of blog posts they will be your main source of likes, follows and views and they will be the first customers buying your writing service. This may seem like failure, however, your friends are a valuable asset and you can use them to grow your blog and your freelance service. They can act as your marketing team, spreading your message around and attracting attention for you. Reviews are something that a huge number of platforms use to rank services- therefore, why not get your friends to write a few for you and boost you up the rankings.

The support of those around you is very important and is something that every successful blogger or freelance writer has made use of over the years. Do not feel like you are cheating because you have done the same. Your friends and family are there to support you.

4. Know Your Limits

When you first start to get orders for your writing services, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. You feel that you cannot turn people down because you need the money and you are afraid of letting someone down. However, if you do buckle under the pressure of requests then you will find yourself in hot water. Often times, when you first start as a freelance blogger, the service that you offer will be offering more for less. You will find yourself putting in more hours than other freelancers on the market but for less profit. If you take on more jobs than you can manage then you will find yourself overwhelmed and providing a service that is not the best that you can do.

You must know that the business that you may be missing out on will return in the future and that by refusing the job now you are not jeopardizing your future success.

5. Know When and How You Can Expand

After months of writing and freelance blogging your way to success, it may come the time where you have to think about expanding. Now, expanding your freelance business or your blog is quite a complex thing to do and it can go in a number of directions. Here are some…

  • Expand the services you offer
  • Take on some staff
  • Start offering advertisements
  • Join an affiliate scheme

All of these are valuable ways to either expand what you have already or to grow into new sectors. Often times these are ways to begin making money from your blog or making more money from a service that you already run. Here at Frugalot, we have personal experience in the careful art of expansion and will gladly assist you with any ideas or queries you may have about expanding.

6. Price Accordingly

When pricing your services as a freelance blogger, it is very important to price your services accordingly. Many freelance writers make the mistake of pricing their services low because they think that that is the only way to break into the market. The average rate for a 500-word article is $50 and this must be kept in mind when you price your products, because the price that you set for your services is a representation of how much you think your work is worth. You must trust that people will still want and purchase your services even at a price that is higher than most newer writers on the market.

If you believe that you service is up to scratch and can deal with the higher demands that often come with higher prices, then we at Frugalot beg of you to price your service accordingly.

7. Make Use of Affiliate Services

If you write a blog, it can be harder to monetise your blog and begin making money off of your efforts. However, affiliate schemes mean that even the smallest of blogs can begin making money by recommending the products or services of others on your blog or website. All you need to do to start this is to find an affiliate scheme that in some way matches the topic that your blog is centred around. For example, if you own a blog about fitness and you wanted to try and make a little bit of money on the side, Amazon will often offer affiliate schemes on their products. All you need to do is to advertise the product on your blog and for each sale that you achieve, you will receive a small cut of it. Affiliate schemes work with almost any subject of blog- not just fitness and if you have found a product that you really like, make sure you sign up to an affiliate scheme and earn a bit of money.

8. Be Social

When it comes to blogging or freelance writing, being social could be your secret weapon to success. Talking to other bloggers, especially ones that are bigger than you, will help you integrate into the community of bloggers and help put your name out there. For freelance writers, making contact with other writers will allow you to forge relationships with them that may become useful further down the line.

Another tool you can use to become more social is, obviously, social media. Social media is the most important tool that you can use to spread your message, grow your brand and reach a wider demographic of people. By making an account or by interacting with other people’s accounts, you will draw more people in to your service or blog and become a figure or brand that people know and trust.

This is an issue very close to our hearts at Frugalalot, therefore, if you wanted any kind of advice or help with growing a blog or becoming a freelance blogger, then please contact us as we would love to help. Otherwise, make sure you check out our blog for other great frugal content and even more ways to save money.

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