How to make money online for free

make money online for free

If you’re like most people you’ve got one common dream.

Wake up late in a cabin by the seaside… have breakfast and coffee with a loved one… listen to the waves crash onto the beach, without any deadlines or bosses to report to.

The concept of starting a business and making money online seems rather Alien to most people nowadays. And that’s not surprising.

You see, 50 years ago, to start a business, you would need to invest £100,000 into premises, spend thousands more on refining your product, thousands more on advertising space… not to even mention the legal costs.

But *thankfully* the world has changed. But society still hasn’t yet.

That’s why I want to show you how the concept of, “making money online for free”, Is not actually as impossible as it seems. And how anyone with reasonable intelligence and a strong will can do it.

There are two main ways to make money online

two separate business models. I’m going to explain each one of them thoroughly to you. I’m going to explain:

• What each of them are
• Why you should do it
• And How to get started

The first method of making money online is known as E-commerce, or Shopify. Shopify is a platform that was created in 2012, which allows people to set up an online store. E-commerce is simply the selling of goods online. Ever since the introduction of the internet, people have been spending more and more money online ever since.

This has resulted in a huge opportunity for regular people to give value to customers by outsourcing the products, meaning you can sell products, take some profits, and never have to see the product yourself (more on that later).

The second method I’m going to discuss is freelancing. You may already know someone who is a freelancer. There are approximately 1.77m freelancers in the UK today. A freelancer is someone who offers services to a business as a client. They may offer their services to multiple businesses at a time, and can be paid by the hour or by project.

If you have a skill that you believe could be of value to any business, then you can become a freelancer. Even if you don’t have one, there are plenty of in-demand skills that can be learned with a little bit of consistency.

All that sound OK? Good. Let’s dive right into it.


How to make money online for free

What is it?

Like I’ve already described, e-commerce is simply the buying and selling of goods online. You probably bought something online recently, maybe from Amazon for example. That is e-commerce. One thing that people struggle to understand is that you could create a website online (for a reasonable price), and begin selling products that you’ve outsourced to manufacturers.

Why should I do it?
E-commerce is one of the best business models today, simply because of the freedom it gives you. At regular jobs, when you’re working, you get paid. When you stop working, you stop getting paid, right? But with E-commerce, it’s a completely different story.

You see, your online store works like a robot. 24/7. Always generating you sales. In the same way you can buy anything from Amazon at all hours of the day, anyone can purchase something from you at any time if the day. This means that you could take a 2 hour nap, and when you wake up, a successful store would have made money whilst you slept. Even if you still have your day job, you could arrive home to a batch full of orders, when you weren’t even working!

How can I do it?

Here I’m going to break commerce down Into 5 Easy-to-Follow steps.

1. Pick a product

Look around your house. Search for a common household item that you think people could buy. Let’s pick candles for example. They are a common household item that almost anyone would buy.

What is extremely important, is to choose a niche. Do not just create a “general store” and expect people to come buy from you. Example: instead of creating a store for Home decorations, create one for candles, or even better, create one for romantic candles, targeted at young couples. That’s better.

Generally speaking, it is helpful to choose a product or a niche that interests you. For example, if you’re interested in biking, you could sell biking accessories, if you like rugby, sell rugby gear. It’s really not as hard as most people would think!

2. Outsource your product

Now this is where most people may get tripped up. When starting commerce, people get confused and think that their home is going to transform into an Amazon warehouse, but I can assure you… that will not happen.

That is because you are going to outsource your product. So for example, the best websites to do this are Ali-Express and Alibaba. These are essentially the Eastern equivalent of Amazon. They offer very high quality products, but for a cheaper price.

So what happens now is, let’s say you decide to sell a Candle. You may be able to sell the candle on your store for £12. But you can find the product on Aliexpress for £2.50, this means you would have a “gross profit” of £9.50 per candle. And guess what, you can sell as many candles as you want. When a customer places an order on your store for your candle, you will then order directly from Aliexpress, and enter your customers shipping details.

3. Store Set Up

Like I’ve already said, Shopify is a very easy platform to use. It has simple guides to set your store up and make it look beautiful.

However, Amazon could be used too, they have their “Fulfilment by Amazon” service, meaning you ship the product directly to them, they will take care of the shipping to customer and customer service. All you have to do is collect the profits once sold. You can find out more information about it on your website.

4. Tiny bit of logistics

Okay this part is a little boring, but it’s crucial. The easiest payment method is an app called stripe. Once you download it, you can hook it up to your shopify store, and it will track all of your payments. Hook that up to your bank account and you can get paid.

When starting out, it’s OK to use your personal account, but as soon as possible, it’s best to switch over to a business bank account. Just hop to your local branch and try should be able to do that for you.

Another thing that is very useful to do is to set up an LLC. I know that may sound daunting, but it’s actually a very easy procedure. Websites like can set it up for you relatively cheaply. This is because it means once your business grows bigger, you will be legally considered a separate entity from your business, meaning if someone wanted to sue your business, your own personal assets are safe. Always consult with a legal advisor.

5. Advertising

Once you have your store set up, the final step is to advertise. Facebook ads are the best option, you can get started for £5 per day. If you know a little bit about writing ad copy… then feel free to do it yourself, otherwise you could hire someone on fiverr for a little bit of money.

You should perhaps educate yourself on Facebook Ads first, buy a couple of books or take a couple of online courses to learn what works best, and experiment a little bit.

If you’ve done all these steps right, you should see (with a little patience) some orders rolling in. If not, keep experimenting and learning to see what you can do better.

The best piece of advice I could give for making money online for free using e-commerce is to keep learning, learn about marketing, customer service, money management, mindset. And if you do this and stay at it long enough, you should succeed.


how to make money online for free

What is it?

Like I’ve already described, a freelancer is someone who offers their services to a business for a fee. Freelancers normally work for businesses as part of a one-off, or maybe even on a continual basis.

But it is important to remember that the freelancer is self-employed. They do not work for the business they provide for, they are simply a business in themselves. The freelancer must therefore find the work for themselves.

A freelancer will normally be balancing multiple projects at one time, therefore it is important that they have good time management skills, so they do not wind up in a position where they have to sacrifice quality of work for their clients.

Why should I do it?

The best part about being a freelancer, is that almost anyone can do it. And on top of that, it gives you a great amount of freedom in your working life. Need to leave work for an appointment, you don’t need your boss’ permission. Want to go to a midweek yoga class? Same thing. Simply want an afternoon nap? You don’t need to ask anybody for permission.

On top of that, freelancing gives you the opportunity to pursue your passions. If you have any kind of passion or hobby that you love, freelancing gives you the freedom to pursue it. Even further, you can FINALLY skip the morning commute by working from home. Which actually has its own health benefits too!

How to become a freelancer:

Becoming a freelancer is a brave first step to make. You may make the decision to do it alongside a main job that you have, which is perfectly fine. Or you might be diving right into the deep end. Either way, you should be proud of the fact that you’re taking the first step.

The very first thing you have to do, is identify a skill that is valuable to other businesses. For example, if you work in computer science, coding may be an obvious choice, if you’re a journalist, you could be a journalist/writer. Or even if your current job has nothing to do with what you want to Do, that doesn’t matter! You can always just pick something your passionate about that you are 1. Good at, and 2. Enjoy doing. Simple. You could literally do anything from website design to photography, the opportunities are endless really.

The next stage if becoming a freelancer is to create a website. This is very easy to do, and there is an abundance of websites on the internet that would allow you to create them for a low price. Like Wix, SquareSpace etc.

Identify Your Dream Client

Once you have picked your skill set, you need to identify your dream client. For example, if I was a photographer, I may specialise in Wedding photography. So, my dream client would be young couples who wish to get married.

This may be tough to begin with, but it is worth it in the long run, because it means that you can eventually focus down into a specific niche, which will allow you to gain expertise, and in the future you will be able to charge more than your competitors, simply because of your specialisation.

Now, the next step is to get clients, the exciting bit. But also… the hard bit. Thee is much debate online about how ti get the best clients as a freelancer. But in reality it depends. I am going to outline examples from two opposing niches to give you a sense of how you can get clients, and the link between your target customer, and your methods of getting clients.

Let’s say that you’re a copywriter. Your ideal client may be technology startups, between 1-15 employees, that are doing less than 500k in revenue. In order to actually get the attention of people in this company, you have to reach the right people.

In this example, that would be the head of marketing, or even the CEO. I Know this sounds intimidating, but don’t worry. For this particular example, the very best method would be to either call the business, or send them a quick email introducing yourself and your services, with a link to your website. This particular strategy is essentially a numbers game.

For example, if you emailed 500 business, you may generate 14 leads, which you could transform into 3 paying customers. That’s a win.

On the other hand. Let’s go back to the example of a wedding photographer. If you’re targeting young couples who are going to get married, they would normally use Facebook. Therefore, it is arguable that Facebook advertisements are the best ways to get new customers. You could post a Facebook ad (like we described in the ecommerce section) and target people between the ages of 23-35 for example. Add a link to your website and boom! You’ve reached your target audience.

After acquiring some clients and building up a portfolio, freelancing essentially becomes a game of time management. Make sure you always deliver on time to keep your clients happy, and you will be fine. Before you know it, you’ll be making a full living by doing what you love!

In conclusion

Here I have outlined methods of how to make money online for free in the two most popular forms: An ecommerce Business, and a freelancing business. Like I have already described, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Just experimenting a little bit, being patient and a lot of education & learning are the keys to success in this business. But the rewards on the other side are huge.

So remember, always persevere and never give up, and I’ll see you guys again soon. Thank you

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