Kettle Cleaning Life Hack

To clean kettle from inside, put water with sliced lemon and let it boil.

Drinking hot drinks is essential in our lives. It gives us energy, especially during the cold days in winter. For that, the kettle is a vital kitchen appliance that every kitchen needs it.

So would you like to drink a cup of hot tea but unfortunately your kettle is no longer clean!

Have you ever struggled to clean your kettle correctly from inside and make it just like a brand new kettle? Here is a perfect way, by putting some water with lemon slices inside the kettle or lemon juice and soak this for an hour.

Once the hour is up, let it boils then through the boiled lemon juice away and rinse it with clean water you will found a clean just like a new kettle, and then you can drink your hot drink safely with a fresh brand-new kettle.

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