Maker Pen Life Hack

If you have made the mistake of leaving your permanent maker around, or even worse in the hands of your kids, then use these brilliant life hacks/life tips to help remove the marks.  Here at frugal a lot we have accounted for everything,  Below you will see how to remove permanent market pen from 7 different surfaces., including walls, carpets and furniture.

marker pen life hack

If you have tried any of these Marker Pen Life Hacks then let us know in the comments section. Alternatively, if you are aware of any other ways to get rid of sharpie pen marks then drop us a line and we will don our best to add it to our vaults.

This cool life cheat is part of the household life hacks category. Here you will find all of the hints and tips to make your life around the house a little easier and less stressful.  If you would like to contribute, then add a comment, or pay a visit to our forum.

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