Saving Money With These McDonalds Life Hacks

Mcdonalds Life Hacks

We all love to save money, but did you know that you can do this while driving through a McDonald’s restaurant? Since lockdown restrictions have been eased over the past few months, more and more people want to get out and about and tuck into a Big Mac or chicken nuggets. So this guide on saving money with these Mcdonalds life hacks will take you through the best ways to be frugal under the golden arches.

The cost of VAT was cut by the chancellor from 20% to 5%

McDonalds Life Hacks

In mid July the chancellor of the exchequer gave some relief to the hospitality sector by slashing the rate of VAT from 20% to 5%.  This translates as a 12.% saving when you take into account operating costs at McDonalds.  Nonetheless this still gives you some great savings. Some of these can be seen below. 

  • 20p off a Big Mac, quarter pounder with cheese, or six chicken nuggets – £3.19 (was £3.39)
  • 30p off a Happy Meal – £2.59 (was £2.99)
  • 30p off a single McMuffin – £2.19 (was £2.49)
  • 40p off a regular black coffee – 99p (was £1.39)
  • 50p off breakfast meals – £3.49 (was £3.99)

It is worth noting though that as McDonald’s is a franchise business, not all prices will be the same, as these are only recommendations, so it is worth checking on the Mcdonalds App what the price reductions are in your local store.

Save Save Save on a ‘McChicken Sandwich’

McDonalds Life Hack

Instead of paying full price £2.20 for a McChicken sandwich why not give the 99p Chicken Mayo a go whirl? With just a 25% reduction in size (Estimate) you really aren’t missing out that much. And if you’re particularly hungry then double up and still save yourself 22p. Ultimately they are both chicken burgers so why pay the extra?

Get a big mac and fries for just £1.99

Did you know that on top of every McDonald’s receipt there is a food for thought code? Well the great news is that you can use this code to fill out a quick survey online to get a second code, which you can then use to get your £1.99 Big Mac, saving you around £2. And the double whammy is that you can use the receipt from that to do the same process again. So do your bit for the environment. Don’t throw your receipt away and save some extra cash. 

Buy 6 hot drinks and get one free

Free Mcdonalds Coffee

Now a lot of people already know about this offer as it has been around for some time. But for those of you that don’t you can now get a free standard size hot drink when you collect the stickers from your previous 6 drinks.  However, what most people don’t know is that you can also collect a free cup using the McDonalds app. So for every 6 cups you get 2 free. This has to be one of the best McDonalds Life Hacks out there and great for hot beverage drinkers. 

Say NO to ice

McDonalds Life Hacks

Sure, if it’s warm there is nothing nicer than a cool drink to quench your thirst. But it’s worth remembering that you can get around 20% more drink in your cup by saying no to ice.  Don’t forget , because it comes as standard in most fizzy drinks you have to ask for it in advance. But a really nifty way to save money and get more for your pound.

Have it your way

Mcdonalds life hacks

Sometimes in works out cheaper to order a standard burger and add in  your toppings for a small extra charge.  So you can add in bacon, cheese or shredded lettuce for a fraction of the price. Also,  if you want your burger to taste like a Big Mac you can also have their special sauce as an extra. Saving you even more money

We hope you liked our quick guide on saving money in Mcdonalds. Sometimes it pays to be extra frugal  and  you can put those savings to good use somewhere else. Such as your next new car or a holiday. Obviously you would have to do a lot of visits to pay for it outright. But every little helps.


Let us know in the comments section if you have any more ideas that we can add to this post.

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