Subway Secret Offers Hack

Subway Secret Offers Hack

We are all living in difficult times and when a really cool life hack comes along it pays to share.  Back in 2019 a Subway employee shared a points hack that allows people to taker advantage of a little known ‘bounce back; voucher that is generated every time you make a purchase.  Basically, every subway receipt will have a semi random voucher that will appear on the bottom. This is a Subway ploy to get you to return within a few days to carry on with your addiction.   But here is the really cool thing, Providing you do return there are loads of great deals to be had and here are some of them listed below

1.      Any Premium Sub for Just £3

This is valid for up to 5 days after your original purchase and according to the subway employee this is one of the least publicised deals. Probably because it looses them the most money.  So your Chicken and Bacon Ranch, Chicken Pizzola. Subway melt and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki and so on that normally costs £3.59 (At the time of writing this) will save you 59p.  This saving then allows you to buy a cookie and still have change. How cool is that?

2.      Get A Free Upgrade

If you buy a standard 6 inch sub, then your bounce back voucher automatically qualifies you to get a free upgrade within 5 days.  This means that as well as the sandwich of your choice you will get a drink and a cookie or a bag of crisps as part of a free upgrade

3.      Any salad Comes With A free Drink

Yes that’s right, very similar to the subway hack above, if you buy a standard salad and keep the receipt then your voucher will allow you to get the same purchase within 5 days, but you can have a drink on them

4.      Buy One Get One Free

Now this is the daddy of deals, according to the source article whenever you buy two 6 inch subs your voucher will allow you to come back and get a free 6 inch sub.  A 100% free no obligation Sub. Now that’s the coolest deal ever. You have to come back within 5 days, but the deal is definitely worth it. 

5.      Cookie and Coffee/Tea for £1

For up to three days after your original purchase, if you purchase a breakfast sub then you will get a voucher for a free coffee/Tea and a delicious cookie for just £1. This deal saves you around 50p and is perfect for people on the go and need something light and tasty with a dose of caffeine.


If you’re short of cash but you don’t want to sacrifice your daily treat then this Subway secret offers hack, is the perfect way to keep your addiction going whilst saving money.  Frugal a lot is the one stop shop for all of your money saving ideas, money making tips and life cheats to get you through the stressful and busy times that we are all going through at the minute. 


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