Best Loyalty Cards In The UK

The Best Loyalty Cards in the UK

Are you looking to save some money or even get freebies for the things you regularly buy? How can you say “NO” to discount and promotional deals that are waiting just for you? Loyalty cards are an amazing tool if you are looking to earn reward points and save money wherever you can.

But with so many enticing loyalty schemes available to choose from, how do you decide which Loyalty card will be the best one for you?

But it’s ok, Because we have done the research for you with all the details to help you enjoy the benefits of some of the best UK Loyalty cards in 2019.

Let’s discuss the best loyalty cards in the UK 

Tesco Clubcard

the best loyalty cards

Known as one of the best Loyalty cards in the UK, a Tesco Clubcard has so much to offer to you.

How it works: Every time you buy something from Tesco either from the store or online, you earn points. For every £1 of your purchase, you will receive one point, and when you it comes to cashing it in one point equals one penny (applicable for buying products in Tesco)  But the Tesco Clubcard works in a really versatile way. Because there are other ways to earn points apart from just shopping from Tesco.

Tesco gives one point for every £2 you spend on fuel. Tesco also gives you points for having a Tesco credit card, Tesco mobile or an account with Tesco bank (should be a current account).

This loyalty card also has a different dimension, you are able to exchange the points you have earned for holidays and experiences.


Sainsbury Nectar Card

The Best Loyalty cards

If you’re looking for a loyalty card that you can collect points from hundreds of reputed brands then the Nectar card is the one for you.  Mostly known at Sainsbury’s, you can use the Nectar card in various places to redeem points but some brands may offer points for only online purchases.  How it works: Nectar cards work similarly like Tesco cards. That is, you will get 1 point for every 1 pound that you spend. The points vary on spending depending on the brand.

Sainsbury’s Nectar card is worth 1 point equals 0.5 p (only in Sainsbury). The worth of the points may differ for other stores.

You can also earn Nectar points by signing up and completing surveys or check their website for special offers to win bumper points.


Superdrug Health & Beauty Card

The Best Loyalty Cards

Not the most generous card in the list, but the Superdrug Health & Beauty card has more benefits to offer than points.  You cab start cashing in your card from £10 or 100 points, which means that this is a really useful way to save for birthdays or the festive season.

How it works: Superdrug Health & Beauty cards offer 1 point for every £1 spent on shopping from the brand.

One of the nice features of Superdrug Health & Beauty card is the small mirror on the card if you’re looking to carry something useful.

Superdrug has tremendous weekly offers on its website where you may find popular products on sale and being a loyal customer, your card will get the best of Superdrug shopping. They also offer free delivery for any purchase over £10.


Boots Advantage Card –  Winner, The Best Loyalty Card

the best loyalty cards

It’s called an Advantage card for a reason. If you love to earn more points, you will love Boots. They currently offer a higher number of points for every transaction compared to the other brands, they also offer lots of opportunities to earn more.

How it works: For every £1 you spend, The Boots Advantage Card gives 4 points. Each Boots Advantage point is worth 1p. You can earn these points every time you buy any product at a Boots store or online. You can then use your earned points at the checkout to get discounts.

Not only that, Boots Advantage card brings Mega points weekends for its loyal users. You can earn a huge number of free points for spending a minimum amount on your purchase. So save for the best offers and get better deals.

The team at Frugal a lot have judged this to be the best loyalty card on the high street


myWaitrose Card

Best Loyalty cards

Mywaitrose card doesn’t really offer any points to its user. However, you can get great discounts, offers and free stuff. You’ll also get vouchers and coupons that are catered to your shopping habits.

This card is intended for offering a little bit more for loyal and  regular customers of Waitrose rather than trying to keep the consumer busy with the point system.

MyWaitrose gives you a free newspaper after you spend £10 on a single purchase. You will also get to enjoy Fish Friday, Steak Saturday with discounts and free hot beverages in-store for being a member of myWaitrose. If you love to cook, you will love to get the free food magazine offered by the brand.



The Best Loyalty Cards

This may be an odd one in the list but you will still be earning points easily with the ASOS A-List. Keep in mind that the points earned through ASOS A-List can only be spent on their brand.

The online reward scheme of ASOS allows you to exchange your points for vouchers if you want to. There are five major levels in the reward program. Every level of the program offers incentive rewards for you to keep going.

How it works: For every £1 you spent as a member of ASOS A-List, you will get 5 points. You can collect the points and use them for bigger purchases to get some good savings.


Sub card

The best loyalty cards

If you’re a fan of collecting rewards and points, Sub card offers just that. To get the best of Sub Card’s point system you need to register. If you’re registering online or through their official app, you’ll receive 250 points as a welcome gift from Sub Card to get you started on the point collecting adventure. To earn double points from your Sub Card, you need to make recurring purchases within a period of a week.

How it works: Sub Card offers one point for every 10p you spend on your purchase (in-store). The worth of Sub card points is measured in the freebies you get which doesn’t seem like a bad deal. The more points you earn, the better the freebies (mostly drinks and snacks).


Nando’s Card

The Best Loyalty cards

Are you a food lover but also on a lookout to get rewards for eating out? Nando’s card offers a unique points scheme that are called chillis’ The more chillies you earn, the better the free meal that you are promised to win.

How it works: To earn one chilli you must spend £7 on Nando’s food. One chilli is not really worth anything. The freebies begin when you start collecting 3 or more chillies.

The way the reward scheme is designed: For 3 chillies you get a green reward, for 6 chillies you get an orange reward and for 10 chillies you win a red award. After you reach the red award, you have to begin from the start and work your way up.


Waterstones Plus

the best loyalty cards

Waterstone plus is a great choice for bookworms and students. They offer a generous amount of loyalty points with lots of benefits such as getting limited edition books that are signed by the author, advance copies of new releases, special access to prize draws and so much more.

The points for Waterstones plus is named as “Plus Stamp”. There are more discounts for student cards. Once your stamps are deposited to your virtual card, you will be able to invest in more books.

How it works: With Waterstone Plus you have to spend £10 to earn one plus stamp be it online or a physical store of Waterstone.


Starbucks Reward Card

the best loyalty cards

Most of us cannot imagine starting our day without a cup of good coffee. Keeping in mind about the regular coffee consumers who love to sip the hot beverage every morning, Starbucks offers a rewards card with some great benefits. Again, this is one of the nest loyalty cards in the UK

How it works: You need to load the Starbucks reward card in order to use it which can be counted as a drawback because of the inconvenience. Once the card is loaded, you will earn a “star” for every purchase from Starbucks.

You will begin your Starbucks rewards journey from the green level which means for every 15 transactions you get a free coffee. To be a part of the Gold level, you must have 50 transactions at Starbucks per year.


Café Nero

The Best Loyalty Cards

If you love coffee then this is the loyalty scheme for you, especially if you’re looking to just grab some every morning and get going with your busy day. You can sync your android or apple pay with Cafe Nero and enjoy a free coffee after 9 transactions.  If you need that caffeine kick and this sounds like an easy option to get a free coffee occasionally then go for it!


CO-OP Membership

The Best Loyalty Cards

Maybe you’re not interested in the points system that most loyalty cards offer. If that’s the case, CO-OP membership is a little more unique than most points scheme available out there.  For your transactions of CO-OP products, the CO-OP memberships saves you  5% that you can use on CO-OP food stores.  The best part about CO-OP membership is that you can contribute 1 percent of your purchases towards the betterment of your local causes and do something meaningful for the community.

Not only that, but you can also get a little share in the company profits of CO-OP and become a part of the business decisions.


IKEA Family card

The Best Loyalty Cards

With lots of benefits and incentive but not a traditional point system, IKEA family card is a great option if you would like to have freebies and discount at the IKEA stores.  Starting from a free filter coffee or tea, to delicious snacks at IKEA that will be free of charge if you get membership of the family card.  Expect to have free product insurance and further discounts on already on sale products which is simply undeniable.

However, there might be discounts on products that you may not even need, thus rendering the card to be less useful only in certain cases.


Morrisons More

The Best Loyalty Cards

The Morrisons More loyalty scheme offers points for shopping, food and fuel all within Morrisons brand. You can make purchases online and in physical stores to earn points and work your way up.

How it works: For every £1 you will earn 5 points. Each Morrisons More loyalty point is worth 0.1 p. Once you reach the target of 5,000 points, you will get a £5 voucher for your future purchases.  This loyalty scheme is great for people who use Morrisons for petrol on a regular basis, as over time your £5 can mount up.  You can then use these vouchers for Christmas or Birthday gifts.


Iceland Bonus card

The Best Loyalty Cards

Iceland Bonus card allows it’s users to register online for the membership and add funds to the card from anywhere.

How it works: For every £20 spent,  you can earn £1 with Iceland Bonus card, that works out as a 5% bonus.

The card offers great promotions and discount deals regularly so that you can plan and buy in bulk if needed. It is especially good for Christmas as you can save throughout the year.   So if you spend £20 a week on shopping you will get an extra £52 at the end of the year to spend on your festive feast.


Marks & Spencer SPARKS

If shopping gives you sparks, then the Marks & Spencer Sparks loyalty card is what you need to think about. Marks & Spencer Sparks is not for people looking to collect points to get discounts and save some money.  This loyalty card is all about giving you an experience for being a loyal customer of Marks & Spencer.  So you get to enjoy the perks and benefits of the loyalty scheme such as access to fashion shows or cookery classes  However, to get access to such VIP schemes, you must be a regular high spender.

How it works: For every transaction, you will receive 10 sparks. If you reach a minimum threshold of 3000 sparks, you will get access to new products and with 5000 sparks you can even get early access to special sales of Marks & Spencer.


Things to keep in mind

Having a bunch of loyalty cards and getting into membership is not a smart choice if you’re willing to save money. That is because most of these loyalty schemes are designed to compel you to buy more.

Shopping is addicting in itself and these loyalty cards keep you attracted to the game.

However, if you choose to spend your money wisely and make the best use of loyalty cards to not only get freebies often but actually save a little cash here and there, then we believe we could help you in your journey to get started.

Kindly check the official websites of each loyalty card scheme in order get more details about there offers and policies that are regularly updated.

We hope you enjoyed the best loyalty cards in the UK. If you’re looking for more free stuff online then check our our other posts in our blog

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