The Best Money Making Ideas For Students

money making ideas for students

Being a student is hard. If you are fed up with eating tins of canned beans and sitting in the cold, there is another way.  A way where you don’t even have to leave your house.  Here at frugal a lot, we have provided you with the best money making ideas for students.  Be poor no longer and start earning money from today. This list is just a small example of what you can make cash on,there are loads ideas out there, but hopefully this will give you a good starting point to creating a small fortune for study materials, food and socialising.  We hope you enjoy!

Don’f forget.  If we have missed anything off our list then let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Paid Surveys

best paid survey companies

Paid surveys are an amazing way to earn a passive income from the comfort of your own home, and a great money making ideas for students.  Research companies are constantly on the look out for new members, and there are loads of companies out there to choose from.  Most companies will pay between £3 ($5) per survey, but some of the bigger companies pay more lucrative values.

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Matched Betting ?  – Top Money Making Idea

money making ideas for students

Matched betting has to be the simplest way to earn money on the internet.  The basic concept of this is betting against someone or something using your free bets and incentives.  It is sometimes referred to as lay betting or double betting and is considered risk free, as it is based upon mathematical equation rather than guess work. You are effectively betting ‘for’ and ‘against an outcome’.  As a student, you can start with very little money, but it will drive huge returns, especially if you multiply this against the large number of betting sites that are out there providing free incentives. It is not unknown for people to make high 3 or figure sums every month matched betting.  But it does take practice and a lot of pre-reading before diving in.

Check out profit accumulator for tutorials and a free trial


Play The Stock Market

Money Making Ideas for Students

Why not speculate to accumulate using your student loan or grant?  Trading on the stock market is not as risky as it use to be.  There are currently lots of websites that can help and support you in marking your fortune.  Etoro is a perfect example of this, here you can practice your craft until you are ready for the big step. But you can also use the copytrader software. Here you can look at what the experts are trading on and copy exactly what they are doing.  Obviously this method of making money can’t be started from scratch,  there will be an initial investment.  However, the returns will be great.

But please practice first.


Start Your Own Website

Money Making Ideas Students

Building your own website has never been so easy as it is today.  And this is one of the best money making ideas for students.  Gone are the days where you have to spend weeks and months playing with complicated coding.  Now you can build a website in as little as 30 minutes.  Once you have selected your niche, you can build your audience and start making money through advertising and affiliate links. The only thing that you will need to pay is the domain name, which you can get from Godaddy from under £11 ($15) per year, along with the website hosting for around £5 ($7) per month.  You can also get this from Godaddy.

The great thing about this money making idea is that the older the website gets the more profitable it becomes. If you then need to sell your site, you can do it through a specialist auction site such as


Become A Freelancer ? – Top Money Making Idea

Money Making Ideas Students

If you own a laptop then you can become a freelancer. It has never been more simple to earn money. All you need is a skill or a service that people are willing to buy off you.  There are loads of freelancing websites out there such, and  All of which allow you to pitch your services, or bid on jobs that people have posted.  Examples of Freelancing jobs for students include, writing, blogging, accountancy, proof reading and data entry.  However, there are people, that make a nice income from bizarre services, such as prank calling and crazy videos.  If there is a market for it, then utilise it.  The great thing about these freelancing sites is the fact the you can charge more as your experience and rating increases.  So sign up and start completing jobs from today.

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Get Cashback On Your Purchases

Money Making Ideas for Students

Now everyone knows that students love a takeaway or takeout from time to time. But did you know that you can also claim back money on them? Websites such as Topcashback, quidco and swagbucks now allow you claim up to 10% cashback on all purchased you make. As well as food, you can also get cashback on online purchases, holidays and financial products.  What’s great about this money making idea is the fact that you don’t really have to do much. Simply log onto the website of your choice, claim the cashback, and build up your savings. From our experience, it is easy to build up a 3 figure sum to pay for an awesome night out.


Sell Your Books, CD’s and Electrical Equipment Online

Best Money Making Ideas For Students

It has never been so easy to sell your unwanted items online. If your student digs are full of unwanted books, Cd’s/DVD’s or electrical items you can now sell them without leaving your room.  You simply enter the bar code or item and you will be given a value. The rarer, or more popular the item the more value you will receive.  If you own a mobile phone, games console, tablet or laptop that you no longer use or need, then you can get a good wedge of cash for them. Once you have been quoted the price, box up the goods and someone will come and pick up your package.  Providing that you have sent what you have quoted, you will then get the money by cheque,or directly into your bank account.  Check out websites such as



Cash for books (USA)


Music Magpie



Mystery Shopping / Secret Shopping

Student Money Making Ideas

Why not get paid to shop? Becoming a secret shopper has never been so easy.  If you are comfortable going under cover in restaurants and shops then this is the money making idea for you.  Sign up to one of the many mystery shopping companies on the net and pick and choose the type of job you want.  Once you have completed the visit. Write up your report and get paid.  It really is as easy as that.  And if you are really lucky, you may be even able to mystery shop gambling and bingo companies, which means that you get reimbursed for any bet you make, plus you get to keep the profit.

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Rent Out Your Car Parking Space

Money Making Idea For Students

Do you live in a property with a car parking space? If you don’t need it then why not consider renting it out? If you live near a town, city or retail park then people may be willing to pay you to park there. This also applies if you live close to any concert arenas or stadiums. So providing that you don’t have a car yourself.  Try advertising this space on Gumtree parklet or Just Park 


Sell On Ebay

Best Money Making Ideas Students

If all else fails, there is always ebay.  It has been going around for years, but there is still money to be made selling your goods on ebay.  With a truly worldwide market,you can sell to a captive audience of billions. Remember to keep an eye out for the free listing days. Here is where you can make your biggest profits.  And don’t forget, rather than packaging up goods to sell, you can also get people to come and pick up from you.  This means that all you need to do answer the door and take the cash.


We hope you enjoyed our best money making ideas for students.  There are loads more out there, but we have tried to capture the important ones and the ones that will of course make you the most money for the least effort. it would be great if you could let us know of any other cool ones that we have missed.  It would also be awesome if you could let us know in the comments if any of these methods have worked.  Please let us know in the comments how you have got on.

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