The Different Ways to Earn Money Online While Travelling

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While some of us are content with staying at home and chilling out until the pandemic has died down, many are still itching to travel towards the other parts of the globe. Because of the recent vaccine rollouts, people have begun to go out of their comfort zones once again to catch a glimpse of their favourite landmarks and countries.

Indeed, the dreams of many to travel and see the world never died down, as made evident by everyone’s readiness to go on a flight as soon as things started to settle down. With that being said, is it any wonder why the tourism industry is starting to take off once again? You might be one of those who are hoping to sling on your backpack and finally tour through the magnificent lands of your chosen country; however, money may be your biggest obstacle yet!

The pandemic has understandably affected many aspects of the economy, causing bankruptcy and countless layoffs; that is why everyone’s still reeling from a lack of budget. If such is still happening right now, how on earth would you manage those daily expenditures while you’re on a trip? Well, no worries, as there are actually a couple of life hacks that may get you through your tour without breaking the bank.

Here are some things you can do to earn some money while travelling:

1. Become an Influencer

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see the lives of many unfold through their vlogs (video blogs) showcasing their daily lives and struggles. While this may seem like a foreign concept for many, it actually tends to pay the bills due to the fact that people are willing to donate or sponsor these “vloggers” to continue recording and sharing their daily activities. 

Privacy concerns aside, this is actually a brilliant idea to earn money while you’re on a trip. Just think about it; you are going to record or stream your travels live, entertaining your online viewers, humouring them and giving them a glimpse of the tourist attractions that you are currently experiencing. Your fans would then be enticed to donate to your online bank account in exchange for that simple online tour. In fact, some businesses may even act as a sponsor and shoulder some of your travels and accommodations for the publicity you can grant them!

It’s a brilliant business model, despite the fact that it isn’t based on any industry-approved business model at all.

2. Take Stock Images and Footages to Sell

Stock images and videos are those typical screensaver images you’d see on your computer. Notice how beautiful and magnificent they are? That is because they were taken amongst the many wonderful landmarks of the world! You can very much capture something similar while you’re on a trip, then sell them for a good price online. Your typical target market for this would be advertising agencies and marketing companies, so be sure to establish a connection with them first before embarking on your photographic journey.

3. Sell Foreign Souvenirs Online during Your Travels

All major tourist landmarks have their own souvenir stalls. It is how the locals make their money, after all. Now, while live streaming, you may tell your viewers to order whatever souvenir they’d want, and then you may buy those souvenirs on-site and resell and ship them to the viewers. 

This particular “business idea” may require a substantial amount of capital since you have to purchase the items from the locals first and then proceed to send them through a courier service.


There are actually many business ideas that you may try out while travelling; just make sure that you’re not doing anything illegal in the process! Strap on your travelling boots, ready your backpack and be ready to experience the world as you’ve never seen it before. Be wise, manage your budget, and earn while going through the best trip of your life.

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