Life Hack To remove permanent marker from a wooden table, use cotton wool face pads with alcohol.

To remove permanent marker from a wooden table

Do you have children? Do they destroy your wooden table with their permanent markers? If so, most of us have a wooden table, and we all know it is so hard to remove permanent markers from them.

Thus, you may have tried to buy expensive materials and products to remove these permanent markers before; However, have you ever tried using a small cotton wool face pad with some alcohol on it! Just wipes the table with the alcoholic cotton wool face pad and that’s it, you nailed it. It worth the try as every home has cotton pads and alcohol.

It costs nothing but worth a lot. Using alcohol and wool face pad acts like a magic as the markers disappear completely after wiped it. Just do it, and you will never regret, it is easy, cheap and effective.

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